"we provide inclusive and meaningful employment for people with a disability in a supported work environment"

Waverley: Our social enterprise delivering social impact and making a difference

Waverley Social Enterprises is a certified social trader and registered organisation with the Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission (ACNC) that commenced operations in November 1984 with the aim of providing Supported Employment Opportunities for people with a disability. Waverley Social Enterprises has grown significantly since early 2000 when it employed around 80 people with a disability. It currently employs 330+ adults with disability and over 60 full-time and casual staff across 2 sites located in Notting Hill and Hallam. Waverley is supported by a range of productive partnerships that not only deliver positive social impact but add value to the business.

Waverley Social Enterprises provides employment opportunities for people with a disability from the greater Melbourne region, delivering significant positive social impact and outcomes from the employment and training opportunities it provides. Providing meaningful and inclusive supported employment promotes health, wellbeing, independence and opportunities for participation in community life. Employment brings much joy and happiness to our workers from the companionship, stimulation, learning, sense of dignity, self-worth and achievements. Waverley Social Enterprises helps to enrich the lives of people with a disability through the many and varied opportunities it provides and their families or carers from the respite and support.

Waverley Social Enterprises can undertake an extensive range of jobs involving both skilled and unskilled workers – try us, we generally can meet your needs. Waverley currently provides a range of specialty divisions – Packaging, Assembly, Catering, Garden / Maintenance services, manufacturing, Waverley events (catered event space ) and outsourced teams (flexible work teams on-site or off-site). The Packaging, container unloading & Assembly Division specialises in, packaging, collating, labelling, mail-outs, shrink-wrapping and assembly work ranging from small component sub-assembly to complete product assembly. The Catering Division specialises in providing our customers with all their food and beverage catering needs at a competitive price, delivered to their doorstep. The Garden Maintenance service has appropriate vehicles and equipment to undertake mowing, gardening, litter patrol and bin cleaning services.

Waverley Social Enterprises also provides accredited training to 40 students with special needs in partnership with Special Schools, as well as providing Work Experience Programs to approximately 100 students with special needs on a weekly basis across our combined 2 large sites.

Waverley Social Enterprises has in place a Community Volunteering Program that provides over 45,000 hours of volunteering to our organisation on an annual basis across our 2 sites.

Waverley Social Enterprises head office is situated at our Notting Hill site, which houses all of our administration, as well as our packaging, assembly, small manufacturing department and catering services together with a dedicated packaging and food cool room.

Our Hallam business is currently operating with 120 employees plus staff and our aim is to eventually grow this business to employ 150 adults at Hallam. Also operating out of our Hallam site is our Central Garden and Maintenance Depot which provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities in gardening and maintenance servicing across the SE corridor of Melbourne to local councils, aged care facilities, retirement villages, schools etc.

Waverley Social Enterprises is an Australian Standards Quality Accredited Company (ISO 9001:2015), HACCP and 5S Lean Manufacturing. Waverley Social Enterprises has strong business partnerships with over 550 existing customers. Many of these companies are well-known household brands.

we provide inclusive and meaningful employment for people with a disability in a supported work environment

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