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On-Site Labour

On-Site Labour – Teams for outsourcing

Teams for outsourcing – workers available for flexible hands-on work, tasks or activities to provide flexibility in scaling and meet temporary fluctuations in labour demand or support business growth. Outsourcing to Waverley can assist your organisation to be more adaptable to changing economic circumstances, grow without capital spend, achieve business goals and grow sustainably.

Waverley Social Enterprise can provide ongoing or short-term/project-based skilled(technical) or unskilled staff to support a business or company to perform tasks, provide services or undertake hands-on work in response to need, which can fluctuate from time to time. Whether a team is required at your facility or one of our facilities, Waverley can assist. Our teams are flexible and adaptable and provide cost-effective quality outcomes.

Outsourcing work in part or full can assist with operational efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs and importantly, help meet corporate social responsibility and sustainability objectives. So, call Waverley to consider Waverley Teams as an option for outsourcing your hands-on work/jobs and help you manage your organisation’s flexibility of labour demand and need for adaptability in a dynamic economic environment. We have placed many teams in external work environments to help with pick and pack tasks and a range of packing or labelling functions.

Learn more about our On-Site Labour today by calling (03) 9544 7222 or sending an email to sales@wavind.org.

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