Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to the Environment

Playing our part in forging a more sustainable future by promoting positive environmental impact.

At Waverley, we are striving to embrace sustainability and protect the environment through a range of measures including climate impact mitigation, reduction of waste, responsible water use and the utilization of low-impact products.

Climate action and waste management – working hard to reduce our carbon and waste footprint and working towards a low carbon economy and zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Our milestones include:

  • We use sustainable materials throughout our business and Focus on generating little or no waste
  • A significant proportion of our packaging material and food containers used are recyclable and kept out of landfills, seas and waterways. We make it easy to collect and recycle our waste thereby contributing to a circular system.
  • Use non-plastic disposable cutlery and food serving/storage containers
  • Fleet vehicles are modern and low emission
  • Sourcing high-quality products and ingredients locally
  • Keeping our green waste and food waste out of landfills, recycling our oil waste and partnering with Waste Ninja, an innovative organics recycling company to keep organic waste out of the landfill 2240 KG’s per annum waste diverted from landfill and 4256 KG’s per annum of greenhouse gas emissions avoided
  • Moving towards renewable energy through our investment in solar panels and purchasing renewable electricity
  • Investing in modern energy-efficient HVAC equipment, commercial food preparation and cooking equipment and LED lighting
  • Use of electric forklifts
Cardboard & Plastic Recycling

Over the past 12 months, Waverley Social Enterprises has diverted from landfill cardboard and clear plastic.

  • Plastic: 436 cubic metres or 4270 kg (both sites)
  • Cardboard: Hallam 71570 kg & Notting Hill – 2211 cubic metres
Using water sustainably – protecting our precious resource

Mindful water consumption through modern cleansing equipment and modern washing fixtures.

Improving the quality of the water we discharge through the implementation of the e-Water System, a sustainable cleaning and sanitation system throughout our facilities.

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