"we provide inclusive and meaningful employment for people with a disability in a supported work environment"
Current Vacancies

Be a part of one of Australia’s largest social enterprises

We bring joy, independence and wellbeing to people with a disability by providing inclusive and meaningful employment in a supported work environment through our certified social enterprise. Following are our current job vacancies.

  • Workplace Trainingand Support (HR Support Officer — Notting Hill) — 1 position.
  • Packaging Group Supervisor (Notting Hill) — 2 positions.
  • Garden / Grounds Maintenance Supervisor (Notting Hill)— 1 position.
  • Customer Service (Hallam) — 1 position.
  • Production Manager (Nothing Hill-MBC)— 1 position.
  • IT Support Officer (Notting Hill /Hallam)— 1 position.
  • HR Coordinator (Notting Hill /Hallam)—1 position.
  • Casual Catering / Delivery Driver (Notting Hill) — 1 position.

For more information or to apply, please contact us on (03) 9544 7222 or email us at info@wavind.org.

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