Strengthening and enriching the lives of people with a disability through the provision of supported employment.

Social Impact

People with a disability are disproportionally impacted by unemployment which is a significant social injustice and challenge and can lead to persistent vulnerability, disadvantage and exclusion.

Unemployed people with a disability are also more likely to suffer from depression than those who work.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data highlights that more people with disabilities are unemployed than those without disabilities. Labour force participation rates for people with a disability are lower than for those without disabilities.

Working aged people with a disability are twice as likely to be unemployed than those without a disability. These levels are higher in the 15–24-year age cohort.

The result of a lower labour force participation rate, when combined with a higher unemployment rate, is that people with disabilities are less likely to be employed and for a longer period than those without disabilities. This is an issue of social inequality and can lead to persistent disadvantage, vulnerability and exclusion.

Employment provides not only income and associated economic independence, but opportunities for social participation, learning and capacity building as well as providing dignity and a sense of identity. The companionship, stimulation, achievement and self-worth which supported employment provides is of immense value to the employee, family and community.

We know that people with disability want greater opportunities to fully participate in economic and community life. People with disability can sometimes find it hard to get a job and keep it. For people with disability who want a job, we need to support them to access and keep one. Often, employment in a supported environment may be the only realistic and appropriate work opportunity for some members of our community.

Waverley social enterprise – Delivering positive social impact

Waverley through its certified social enterprise services and businesses provides people with disability-inclusive and meaningful employment opportunities in a supported work environment that will bring joy and promote health, wellbeing, independence and participation in community life. For families and carers, this work opportunity provides support and respite.
Employees with a disability come from the greater Melbourne region to our two sites in Notting Hill and Hallam.

A person with a disability has a right to the same employment opportunities as a person without a disability. Improving employment outcomes for people with a disability promotes social equity, and social justice and supports the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Waverley social enterprise strengthens its social impact through the provision of opportunities for community volunteering, student training (students with specialist and intensive support needs) and work experience. Student support assists with the transition from school to ongoing work. Our employees are also provided training and quality education to support their development and sustain employment.

Collaboration with Waverley social enterprise will help to create a positive social impact and improve society by ensuring employment for those most vulnerable. This focus on positive social outcomes aligns with the expectations of workers, investors and consumers.

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Staff Testimonials

We asked our workers what working at Waverley means to them; they said…..

I have a purpose and meet people

"something to do and be part of a team"

"help employees gain experience, training and friendship"

"feeling the love and appreciation from the employees"

"keeping a stable job and making friendship"

“I like working here to learn new skills and work with my friends”

“I love working here I have friends here”

“working with everyone and learning new skills”


“you come and spend the day being active not sitting around at home” “socialize with friends, learn new skills; I have a new lease on life”

“getting skills, have a job like other people and contribute to the public. Doing good quality completed jobs gives me a good feeling”

“I feel happy, I see my best friends”

“I am a training to be a team leader. I have fun, meet friends. People I work with are nice”

“it helps me to not stay at home, it’s nice” “I work with friends”

“in a workplace which is happier than working in the outside world. Makes me feel we are all worthy of having a place in the world, a sense of belonging”

“it helps me to feel welcomed and needed”

“I enjoy the challenge of trying to be a better person, learning how to work with others”

“doing new skills and learning new things; I am happy and proud”

“Absolutely love it; its like a second home”

“it’s a good place to work and you can work with your friends; I like working with people”

“I love coming to work and doing different jobs everyday; everyone is lovely. I am happy working everyday”

“being happy, doing a good job, being part of a team, helping others and being responsible”

“I feel happy coming to work and seeing people I know”

“It means not being at home alone. It is busy and there are people around me and opportunity to produce work and essential needs for the community” “ I have co workers of all ages, young and old”” I like that the work here is challenging, I am paid for my work, I have made friends”

“coming to work and being happy”

“I work with my friends, I like doing assembly work and it makes me feel happy”

“I feel happy, safe, independent and work with friends”

“we work together as sisters and we have friends here”

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