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Shrink Wrap Packaging Supplies & Services

If you want a packaging material that provides excellent protection from damaging environmental elements, you can’t go wrong with the shrink wrap packaging supplies offered by Waverley Social Enterprises. When exposed to heat, shrink wrap creates a very tight seal against dust and moisture. This has the added benefit of clearly branding your products and preventing people from tampering with the contents. Find out more about our shrink wrapping service in Melbourne today.

The Best Commercial Shrink Wrap Supplies & Services

Waverley Social Enterprises is an excellent choice for mobile shrink wrapping services and supplies for various reasons, including:

  • Our team consists of people with special needs who have been given supported employment opportunities
  • Our dedicated and hard-working staff give 110%, ensuring clients are satisfied with the outcome they receive
  • We have access to a state-of-the-art fully automatic shrink wrapping machine that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need a food shrink wrapping service to preserve quality and extend shelf life or a boat shrink wrapping service to safeguard the hull from damage, we can meet your needs.

Learn more about our commercial shrink wrap supplies and services today by calling (03) 9544 7222 or sending an email to

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