Electrical Assembly

Electrical Assembly Services in Melbourne

Assembling plumbing and electrical componentry requires specialised knowledge. Fortunately, the team at Waverley Social Enterprises can provide professional plumbing and electrical assembly services. Our staff members are highly trained and experienced, which means we can be trusted to maintain rigorous standards and get the job done properly. Discover what we can do for you today.

Sheet Metal Assembly and More

From robot and conveyor systems through to automation solutions and sheet metal assembly, we proudly offer a range of mechanical, plumbing and electrical componentry assembly services for industries such as automotive, building, aviation, telecommunications and more. Our supported employment opportunities also give our employees with special needs the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives and help customers achieve their desired outcome.

Manufactured Product Assembly ready for Retail/Distribution

Waverley Social Enterprises offers electrical assembly services in Melbourne that are second to none. Call (03) 9544 7222 or send an email to sales@wavind.org to receive the advice and information you need for superior results.

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