Volunteering is a truly rewarding experience. Volunteers are invaluable to our operation, bringing skills, diversity, and friendliness and offering assistance to our workplace.

Maintaining high quality, meaningful employment, is imperative for our employees. It allows them to lead productive and fulfilling lives, whilst meeting other members of the community.

It allows our employees to demonstrate their skills and work ethic to others, allowing volunteers to see their abilities rather than disabilities. We are a community within a community and welcome others to join us. Working alongside our employees in our not for profit organisation aids in a number of facets.

It empowers our employees, who pride themselves on being able to work within the community. It allows them the opportunity to mix and mingle with various members of the community, as for many, work is a social outlet, whereby they can meet other people and volunteers play an important part in this.

Volunteering also assists in the packaging and assembly process at Waverley, as there are tasks, which challenge some employees and volunteers keep the production lines moving. Quality and meeting deadlines is pivotal in any organisation and ours is no different.

This is particularly important as it maintains the employment and opportunities for almost 300 employees with disabilities, and subsequently aiding with self-esteem and self-worth. Most importantly volunteers feel rewarded.


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Reward yourself whilst helping others with a positive, feel good experience. Volunteering will allow you to give a little something back, the smiles in return will be infectious. You will be making a difference.
I enjoy volunteering and mixing with people at Waverley Industries. It is rewarding helping people with special needs and I get great satisfaction helping and seeing the products we produce in the shops. It reminds me of family.
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