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Our Staff

Greg Kouzmenko

Production - Group 1
I like working at Waverley Industries as I have made good friends, I like the jobs and the staff are friendly and supportive.

David Kingma

I like making new friends and learning new skills. Waverley Industries has given me the chance and are supporting me in my apprenticeship in Commercial Cookery. 
I feel really good that I am learning and contributing.

Andrew Harland

I have gained a lot of experience at Waverley Industries, which has given me confidence and boosted my self-esteem. 
I have met a lot of new people and I come into work happy. I just think it’s a fantastic place to work at.

Jenny Waugh

They are great people at Waverley Industries. The work is good and people are always happy and we always get our work out. I love coming to work every day. It makes me feel independent because I contribute to the community.

Robert Thomas

The staff at Waverley Industries have been nice to me and very helpful. In the Warehouse I have been trained and learnt new skills such as driving a forklift and a truck and counting stock. At Waverley Industries I get a chance.

Vicki Robbins

I like the jobs that I do at Waverley Industries especially William Adams where I have to cut the tubes. I have lots of friends here and I love coming to work every day. The support staff are always very nice to me and they treat me well. My husband also works here but we are in different groups.

Pascal Jean-Louis

The supervisors and managers at Waverley Industries like to joke around with me and they make me happy. I love coming to work because I am always learning new things. This year, I am doing a Certificate 1 in Work Education at Waverley Industries and I am really enjoying learning and working.

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